Vikings: War of Clans App Review


The era of epic conquests and grand deeds has come. Only you have the right to decide the fate of the empire. Make your kingdom inviolable, become the leader of a powerful army, and write your name into the history of the North!

Users like:

  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • Deep strategic gameplay
  • Addictive

Users don't like:

  • Requires fullscreen
  • Slow load times
  • Questionable cash shop

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Traditional City-Building Gameplay – Construct and fortify a multitude of buildings, including a Palace, Hero’s Abode, and Oracle building that supports your militaristic efforts
  • Massive Amount of Units – Train Mercenaries, Horsemen, Archers, Stalkers, Shieldmaidens, Demons and more to bravely face your foes
  • Heroes and Equipment Crafting – Customize a Hero by allocating their skills and equipping them with crafted armor from the Forge
  • Join a Clan – Join a group of like-minded warriors in the battle for the Places of Power and the top of the ranking boards
  • Global PvP – Fight over Places of Power with other Clans, reigning dominant when your Clan conquers it
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Vikings: War of Clans FAQ

Vikings: War of Clans FAQ

  • How do I earn achievements?

    Open the Menu and select the Achievements section. By hitting any achievement, you can view the requirements for earning it. Some achievements have hidden requirements, so perform various deeds to try to earn them.

  • What should I do if I can't log into my account?

    Read the instructions in the corresponding section on the portal and try to log into your account again. If that doesn’t work, please contact the Support Team, specifying the coordinates of the Town you cannot gain access to.

  • Why is the Peace Treaty no longer active?

    This happens when the Peace Treaty expires or you send a troop to perform offense, espionage, or an Onslaught. This boost is also deactivated in the Forest of Rocks in Jotunheim. You can find out the reason by contacting the Support Team.

  • How do I change my home Kingdom?

    You can permanently move to another Kingdom using the Novice’s Relocation item if your Palace is below level 6, or the Drakkar item if your Palace is level 21 or above.

  • Where can I find my account ID?

    To find out your ID, open the Menu and then go to the “About the game” section.

  • Android Details
    Size:Varies with device
    Version:Varies with device
    Content Rating:7+
    Author:Plarium LLC
    iOS Details
    Size:270.2 MB
    Content Rating:9+
    Author:Plarium LLC
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    5 User Reviews

    • This game has everything that a perfect game needs. It even has a safe bubble for you to build up your base so you don’t get targeted by other real life players all around the globe. Even if your not in the game it still playing like if your in the game. I got this game and it was a blast. Maybe you will feel the same.

    • Excellent game, events, if you work together in a clan it becomes rather fun and by completing events together you get nice rewards and speed ups to progress further in the game. I spent about $100 in the game so far. It gets expensive to keep up with the top players even when spending some cash in it.

    • I love this game. Ive been playing it now for a couple of years.

    • Personally I love the game but I have an issue with the prices of the available upgrade packages. When your influence goes up so does the price of the packages/subscriptions. My friend is a level 23 player and my town is level 31. We both have the exact same package offers but his is $6.99 and mine is $12.99. His $12.99 package is $25.99 for myself. Why? Make my packs lower priced again and I’d buy more of them. Currently I’m not buying anymore until retail equality is applied to all players. 😒

    • I finished downloading it and it wouldn’t go past the first loading screen. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. I figured it was a new game so maybe it needed a few to load. I waited 10 minutes and no pop ups or progress showed up. I tried to clear the storage for it and still nothing. I looked forward to this and I can’t even play it.

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