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Start a group video chat with your friends or meet and chat with new people. Tinychat makes it easy with up to 12 live cameras in each room and unlimited viewers.

Tinychat is an online video chat service that allows people to have a face-to-face chat with strangers. They can choose to chat with just one person or chat with up to four people at a time. The service is free, but users can upgrade to the premium service, which removes ads, allows for more video chats at once, and allows users to save video chats to watch later.

Tinychat has been around since 2009 and has been used by people worldwide to make new friends, date, or have a friendly chat. Tinychat is free to use, but the company also offers a premium service. The premium service provides a few perks, such as removing ads, the ability to chat with more people at once, and the ability to save video chats.

Users of Tinychat may sign in using their Facebook account or email address, and they can also choose to delete their account at any time. Users have the option to chat with one person or with up to four people at a time. They have the ability to record the video chat and save it to watch later. It’s a quick, easy, and free way to chat with new friends.

Users like:

  • Meet new people
  • You’re in charge of the conversation
  • Up to 12 people included

Users don't like:

  • Annoying notifications
  • Takes up space

Why to choose/Best for:

  • View all chat videos on one screen
  • Control the number of people in the chat
  • Add details to messages
  • Block people you don’t want to chat with
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Tinychat FAQ

Tinychat FAQ

  • How do I sign out of my account?

    Scroll to the top of any page on Tinychat. Click on your username then click “Sign Out.”

  • How do I report inappropriate content?

    The best way to report inappropriate content on Tinychat is to tap the “Flag” icon over that person’s webcam. This will immediately alert the moderation team to investigate and take appropriate action. Also, note that reporting someone will not automatically ban that person from the site. The team will investigate first and, if needed, take action.

  • How can I contact this site?

    For technical or customer support, you may click the chat icon on your lower right-hand corner or email Tinychat at [email protected]

    For business or partnership inquiries, you may contact this email address: [email protected]

  • I forgot my username and password. What do I do?

    Go to the username and password recovery page on Tinychat. You will be sent an email with your username at the top and a link to reset your password at the bottom. If you just need your username, you can ignore the link. If you need to reset your password, click the link and you will receive a second email.

  • What is Camera Ban?

    Camera bans are issued when a user is violating Tinychat’s Terms of Service. These bans can last for 72 hours after they are issued and cannot be removed before they expire. The site does not tolerate adult content.

  • Why has a room been closed?

    Room closures are issued by a Tinychat Administrator for a number of different reasons. Some of the reasons are, but not limited to:

    • The room had no moderators assigned and the room was observed to be breaking the Terms of Service.
    • The room had moderators assigned but they are not controlling the room or are encouraging ToS violations.
    • The room name has an offensive or inappropriate word in it.
    • The room was made solely to violate the TOS.
  • How can I report a bug on Tinychat?

    Email [email protected] with specific details on the issue. You must include the room name, time, web browser, and operating system or mobile device you were using when the issue occurred.

  • How can I remove the Tinychat app from my Facebook?

    • Go to “App Settings”
    • Find “Tinychat” in the list
    • Click on the “X” next to the TinyChat title
    • Confirm removal by clicking on “Remove” in the pop-up
  • Android Details
    Content Rating:18+
    iOS Details
    Size:67.2 MB
    Content Rating:17+
    Author:Tinychat Co
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    Messangers compare table:

    TelegramiMessageWhatsappViberFB MessengerSkypeGoogle HangoutsWeChatKikSnapchatSignal
    Origin CountryRussiaUnited StatesUnited StatesIsraelUnited StatesEstoniaUnited StatesChinaGermanyUnited StatesUnited States
    Company/OwnerTelegram FZ-LLApple Inc.WhatsApp Inc.Viber Media S.à r.l.FacebookSkypeGoogle LLCWeChatKik InteractiveSnap IncSignal Foundation
    User base180m1.3b200m260m109m1.33m14m1.1b300m218m10m
    PlatformsAndroid, iOS, and DesktopiOSAndroid, iOS, and DesktopAndroid, iOS, and DesktopAndroid, iOS, Desktop and WebAndroid, iOS, and DesktopAndroid, iOS, and WebAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
    Open-source(code and server)CLosed Sourse Code for server part and Open-Sourse for protocol and clients appNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYes
    Location IdentificationAsks user for accessAsks user for accessAsks user for accessAsks user for accessAsks user for accessYesYesYesYesAsks user for accessNo
    The Provider is not able to block a user accountis Able/BlockingNois Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blockingis Able/Blocking
    Voice MessageYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
    Voice CallsYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Video CallsNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Media sharingYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

    4 User Reviews

    • Terrible app. Just navigate to the tinychat room you want in chrome and close the stupid popup telling you of this terrible non working app when it appears.

    • It always runs slow

    • App is too laggy and choppy on android.

    • the app has a lot of bugs but overall it has the potential to be to be a more enjoyable experience for live cam group chat for different groups. I am rating my experience by the number of hours I spend using it dispite how buggy it is

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