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New maps, new types of weapons, new game modes are waiting for you in this incredible action game, where terrorists and special forces going to engage the battle, not for life, put to death.

Users like:

  • Nice graphics
  • Good sound
  • Easy gameplay
  • Good mechanics

Users don't like:

  • It is a little strange to play such a game on a mobile device
  • It is too similar to CS GO

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Competitive games like the Defuse the bomb.
  • More maps
  • Skins and exchange between players
  • New models of knives, grenades, new weapons
  • Different game modes like the Deathmatch”, “Defuse the bomb, the Arms race, and the “Capture the flag”, “Robbery.
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Standoff 2 FAQ

Standoff 2 FAQ

  • Preparing to play Standoff 2

    While playing campaign mode may not require much thought, playing Standoff 2 (or any game for that matter) in a competitive mode will require some optimization for the best experience.

    Optimization measures become more important, especially on older phones or devices. The reality is, playing any kind of FPS or MOBA games at an optimal level greatly depends on the frame rate output of the device. The frame rate is measured in frames per second.

    One strategy to improving gaming performance on older devices is to power cycle the device before launching the game. It is also a good idea to close any unnecessary programs running in the background, such as Bluetooth connections, WIFI, and other programs.

  • Setting up the controls

    The controls and gameplay mechanic for Standoff 2 is almost identical to other FPS games like Call of Duty, Modern Strike Online, etc. There are some minor differences that may trip you up, crouching being one of those instances. You must press the crouching button once to crouch and once more to get in the normal walking position.

    Perhaps one of the best features of the game is the ability to customize the controls and in-game settings to your liking.

    The best settings for one player may not be so great for another. However, the following seems to be the optimal settings:

    1. Game detail setting: Depending on your device, you will need to tweak the detail settings to achieve a balance of good visuals and good performance with high frame rates.
    2. Turn off switch weapons on pickup: It can be a nuisance at times switching back to a prior weapon after picking up a new weapon.
    3. Turning off this option allows you to add items to inventory and equipping them as need. Switch weapons on pick up may be useful for new players testing out different weapons. But for an advanced player, it may only be a stumbling block.
    4. Button sensitivity: Button sensitivity will depend on your personal preference. However, higher sensitivity is usually better for the most part. After finding a good setting, try to stick to it.
    5. Turn off acceleration: It is recommended that you disable (set to 0) acceleration for best results, at least at first. The acceleration setting in Standoff 2 controls the sensitivity of the camera or player swivel movements. Most players turn this off or set it very low and compensate for this by tracking their forward and back movements.
    6. Crosshair customization settings: The crosshair can also be set based on your own liking. The crosshair setting that works best is point size 0, line thickness between 5.0 and 10.0, line length between 20 and 25, line distance between 2.0 and 3.0.
      Another good tip is to disable any unnecessary options in the game. Taking these steps will help to eliminate any potential latency or lag.
  • The best weapons

    The ideal weapon will vary base a player preference, skill level, and game mode. Based on damage and fire rate, the AKR is the best weapon. These are the best weapons in order of best to worst based on these numbers:

    1. AKR
    2. M4
    3. M16
    4. AKR12
  • Android Details
    Content Rating:16+
    iOS Details
    Size:1.4 GB
    Content Rating:17+
    Author:Abdulin Ildar
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Languages:English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    5 User Reviews

    • Game is amazing, love the graphics, the different gamemodes and all the other stuff that the game has to offer, but until the latest update for some reason when I play my character just starts to look somewhere else whenever I start shooting. For example lets say the I am looking at a enemy, but then when I start shooting at the enemy I just look somewhere else like behind me, looking at the sky and all over the place which is annoying.

    • This game is so awesome but when it comes to the smoothness , it is very annoying. I have a good internet connection and it shows me between 200 – 300. So basically , everyone is teleporting. And after I die in defuse miraculously the game becomes smooth and there is zero lag.

    • im going to rate this 5 star because ive been playing this for a long time and i love it. But that doesn’t mean i like everything about it.

    • This game is very fun,you get to play with real people so I get to play with my cousin. It’s so fun I bought skins and I’m a consle player but it’s that fun. You can trade and make clans.there aren’t alot of maps but the controls and game modes are very fun.

    • So.. I have a problem with the game. Though, I gave 4 stars only over the features I had access to. The menu, similiar to CS:GO, great. Free opening of boxes, makes the item acquiring better than CS:GO. After winning a medal (at least how I seen on the menu) you get a free skin. I highly recommend it, even though it won’t load any gamemode fully for me, but I believe it’s only cause of my device.

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