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PANDAVPN is a VPN service that allows people to view the Internet from other locations. The company’s most recent update is the PANDAVPN mobile app, allowing iOS and Android phones to be protected with a VPN. The mobile app is available to download in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

PANDAVPN is a new app for Android devices that allows users to protect their privacy while they browse the internet. This app was designed by a group of developers who wanted to provide a reliable service to the masses that is simple to understand and operate. PANDAVPN is designed to be a part of a suite of apps to be used in conjunction with each other. The apps are all vetted, and the developers are open about the threat models to which they have applied their solutions. The apps are designed to work together.

Users like:

  • 24/7 tech support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A huge set of device and online security features

Users don't like:

  • No Mac or iOS client
  • Simplistic VPN service

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Bank-level security protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Simple and friendly to use
  • Multiple platform support
  • Game acceleration
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PandaVPN Free FAQ

PandaVPN Free FAQ

  • Why do I need Panda VPN?

    A) You’re concerned about your privacy.
    If you don’t want websites, your ISP, or hackers snooping on your activities, then a VPN provides the protection you need. Panda VPN encrypts your data while it’s in transit, making it unreadable for third parties. Panda VPN also hides your IP address and location by giving you an anonymous IP. At Panda VPN, your security is the top priority. Panda VPN does not log your browsing activity.

    B) You need to access blocked or censored content.
    If you live in a place where some sites or services are blocked or censored, then you can connect to Panda VPN’s secure servers from more than 30 countries and surf the web freely.

  • What do I get with my subscription?

    You can use Panda VPN Premium on all the available platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, PC). Premium version allows you to have a big variety of fast-working servers all around the world with no ads.

  • Android Details
    Content Rating:3+
    Author:PandaVPN Studio
    iOS Details
    Size:66.2 MB
    Content Rating:4+
    Author:Wildfire Inc.
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Languages:English, Arabic, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    4 User Reviews

    • I had a problem with one of the game i play, couldn’t download directly from playstore. When I used this it downloaded fine and fast.

    • I feel like this is the best VPN app ..

    • This is the best free vpn I have ever used.

    • Worst vpn app.

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