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Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning real-time strategy game mixed with tactics of Tower Defense and the hero skill elements of a MOBA.

Mushroom Wars 2 is a strategic real-time tactics video game developed by Zillion Whales. It is the sequel to Mushroom Wars, which was released in 2014. It is designed for release on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The game is set in a world where the inhabitants use mushrooms to build tools and structures.

The game features four different modes: survival, skirmish, campaign, and endless.

In survival, the player has to defend waves of enemy mushroom troops. In the skirmish, the player can take on up to four other human players and battle to the death.

Campaign mode sees the player take on various challenges with different sets of rules.

The endless mode sees the player fight off hordes of mushrooms for as long as they can.

Mushroom Wars 2 app usability

For the most part, Mushroom War 2 mobile app is easy to use because it requires very few inputs from the player. However, the app does have a few areas of difficulty, such as the menu.

The app is easy to use for a player trying to find their own profile, but it can be a little more challenging for a player trying to find a specific player’s profile.

Users like:

  • Varied gameplay styles
  • Peaceful and relaxing music and visuals
  • Smooth learning curve
  • Simple to pick up but complex tactics and strategy

Users don't like:

  • Could have used a bit more story
  • Graphics are great but cartoony style not for everyone
  • More building variety/types would have been nice

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Command mushroom armies in real-time
  • Multiplayer PVP and Co-Op modes
  • The ultimate combination of RTS and TD games
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Mushroom Wars 2 FAQ

Mushroom Wars 2 FAQ

  • Tips

    You can change buildings into different types of buildings.
    – Q = Upgrade
    – W = Change building into Village
    – E = Change building into Forge
    – R = Change building into Tower
    Side Note = To change different buildings, you need 30 troops in that building
    – 1 = Use 25% of Troops
    – 2 = Use 50% of Troops
    – 3 = Use 75% of Troops
    – 4 = Use 100% of Troops
    – Shift = Show Upgrade Menu. For W, E, and R but in a menu configuration, and to upgrade.

  • Buildings

    The tower has 4 stages of upgrading, each upgrade making the tower’s shots faster. It cannot create its own men, so it must be supplied by villages. Grey and enemy towers will shoot your troops, and your towers will shoot enemy troops

    Villages generate troops and increase your maximum troop count. These buildings are the only way to supply troops to Forges and Towers. Have 5 upgrade stages, each upgrade increasing maximum troop count and troop generation.

    The Forge increases your defense and attack rating for every type of building. These buildings have no upgrades, so the only way to increase the rates, you need to own multiple forges.

  • Morale Chart

    Morale: Attack: Defense: Speed:
    0 Suns 100% 100% 100%
    1 Sun_ 105% 125% 110%
    2 Suns 110% 150% 120%
    3 Suns 115% 175% 130%
    4 Suns 120% 200% 140%
    5 Suns 125% 225% 150%

  • Gamemodes

    – King of the Hill
    A game mode where you capture star buildings to gain points to win
    – Conquest
    A game mode where you capture all enemy buildings to win
    – Domination
    Game mode where you capture all-star buildings to win

  • End Level Rewards

    – Architect = 500 Points. Improve or Convert Most of Your Buildings
    – Conquerer = 1000 Points. Most attacks are successful and with minimal casualties
    – Expansionist = 500 Points. Capture as many buildings you can at the start of the game you can
    – Tactician = 1000 Points. Capture buildings by attacking them with multiple troops simultaneously
    – Defender = 1000 Points. Most defends are successful and with minimal casualties
    – Inspirer = 500 Points. Gain high morale level (Most likely to get 5 Suns in a game. Not 100% positive)
    – Striker = 800 Points. Capture buildings one by one as fast as you can
    – Warlord – 800 Points. Win by a Landslide (Currently no known conditions to be met to “Win by a landslide”)
    – Strategian = 800 Points. Attack and Defend successfully (Currently no known conditions to be met to “Attack and Defend successfully”)

  • Android Details
    Content Rating:3+
    Author:Zillion Whales
    iOS Details
    Size:626.4 MB
    Content Rating:4+
    Author:Zillion Whales Ltd
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 10.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPad Air, iPad Air Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12.9‑inch), iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (9.7‑inch), iPad Pro (9.7‑inch) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (5th generation), iPad (5th generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (2nd generation), iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (2nd generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10.5‑inch), iPad Pro (10.5‑inch) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (6th generation), iPad Wi‑Fi + Cellular (6th generation), iPad Pro (11‑inch), iPad Pro (11‑inch) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (3rd generation), iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (3rd generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (5th generation), iPad mini (5th generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (7th generation), iPad (7th generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (11‑inch) (2nd generation), iPad Pro (11‑inch) (2nd generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (4th generation), iPad Pro (12.9‑inch) (4th generation) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
    Languages:English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    4 User Reviews

    • I’m sorry but that’s the last straw!

    • A surprisingly complex strategy game. The pay to win factor is very low too, simply being good at strategy will let you win against better equipped opponents most of the time. To everyone whining about the cost of “pay to win”: get a job. It’s not even that expensive. You’ll spend far more money playing magic the gathering than any mobile game.

    • this game requires a lot of cash to play.

    • Hi, since you’re always asking for people to give suggestions and to help with the balance here are a few. 1: subs get unlimited energy, buuuut only 12 charges during the match. That way a free player could watch enough ads to match a paying sub. Otherwise, it’s high key cheating I sub and cast against those that don’t. 2: to keep it fairer, subs should have their own ladder as well called “Unlimited” where special unique items can be used. The competition tier should be vanilla

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