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Dropbox Paper is a collaborative document editor developed by Dropbox. It is similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, allowing users to create and edit documents online. However, Paper also has some unique features that make it more suitable for specific tasks. For example, Dropbox Paper documents can be easily embedded in other applications, such as Slack or Trello. In addition, Paper offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for both individual and team-based collaboration. Overall, Dropbox Paper is an effective tool for online collaboration and can be used for various purposes.

Dropbox Paper is an online document editor that allows you to create, collaborate, and share your work with others. The editor is also available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

Dropbox Paper offers markdown, formatting, and collaboration features so you can write and edit documents collaboratively. You can also convert your documents to PDF, HTML, or Microsoft Word.

Users can use the editor with other Dropbox apps and services, and you can import and export files from and to other services like Google Drive, Todoist, OneNote, and more.

Dropbox Paper app usability

The Dropbox Paper mobile app is a mobile version of Dropbox Paper, document creation, and collaboration tool. It is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. It provides a range of features to give users the ability to create and share documents with other users, including:

  • Collaborating with other users on 100% customizable, mobile-friendly documents
  • Sharing and commenting on documents with other users
  • Streamlining document creation and collaboration
  • Customizing the interface to suit the user’s preferences
  • Integrating with other Dropbox apps to make creating and sharing content with Dropbox Paper more seamless
  • Accessing all the Dropbox apps, documents, and files in one place
  • Syncing all changes made to Dropbox Paper documents to the user’s computer

Users like:

  • It has a clean, simple interface which makes creating documents quick and easy
  • Collaborating on and sharing documents is very straightforward
  • The option to add rich media to documents is unique and really brings Dropbox Paper files to life
  • Image galleries are attractive and adding them is a breeze
  • The option to embed code directly into documents makes it a useful tool for web developers and programmers
  • It provides a simple but effective task management tool
  • Navigating documents is easy due to the automatically generated table of contents file

Users don't like:

  • The options to italicize and underscore text are not visible in the standard formatting menu
  • Adding H3s is needlessly complicated
  • The options for exporting your content to other formats are rather limited
  • You can’t change typefaces

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Create new docs or edit existing ones, and share them with your team right from the app, so you can capture inspiration wherever you are
  • Post and reply to comments, so you can keep projects moving forward even if you’re not at your desk
  • See everything that’s incoming from your team—like comments, shares, and @mentions—so you can catch up while on the go
  • No internet connection? You can still access, edit, and comment on your starred and recent docs—or create new docs—while offline, to keep the ideas flowing
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Dropbox Paper FAQ

Dropbox Paper FAQ

  • Are my Paper docs stored in my Dropbox folders?

    It depends if you’re using the old or new release of Dropbox Paper.

    If you’re on the old release of Dropbox Paper, your Paper docs are stored in Paper folders in your account on paper.dropbox.com. If you’re on the new 2020 release of Dropbox Paper, your Paper docs are stored in your account on dropbox.com, with your other files and folders.

    To find out if you’re using the old or new release of Dropbox Paper:

    1. Sign in to dropbox.com.
    2. Click Create a new file.
    • If you see Dropbox Paper in the dropdown menu, then you’re using the new 2020 release of Dropbox Paper.
    • If you don’t see Dropbox Paper in the dropdown menu, then you’re using the old release.
  • Do you need a Dropbox account for Paper?

    Yes, you need a Dropbox account to create and open Paper docs.

    If you share a Paper doc with someone who doesn’t have a Dropbox account, they’ll receive an email with a link prompting them to create a Dropbox account. Once they create an account, they can access your Paper doc.

  • Is Dropbox Paper free?

    Yes, Dropbox Paper is free.

  • Do Paper docs count towards my Dropbox storage quota?

    Paper docs will take up very little space in your Dropbox account—less than 100 bytes, which is less than one-30th of a standard document file.

  • Is there a limit on the number of Paper docs I can create?

    No, there is no limit on Paper docs you can create with a Dropbox account.

  • Do I need to be signed in to Dropbox to access Paper?

    Yes, you must be signed in to Dropbox to access Paper.

  • Can I access my Paper docs offline?

    If you’re on the Paper mobile app, you can open and edit Paper docs offline. You must have opened them on your mobile device in the past in order for them to be accessed offline. Your offline edits will save, but you can’t sync them with other devices or share them until you’re back online.

    On the web, you can’t open Paper docs if you’re offline. You can temporarily make edits in a doc that’s open in your browser, but those edits don’t save to Paper until you’re back online.

  • Android Details
    Content Rating:3+
    Author:Dropbox, Inc.
    iOS Details
    Size:109.6 MB
    Content Rating:4+
    Author:Dropbox, Inc.
    Compatibility:Requires iOS 11.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    Languages:English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian


    iOS (iPhone, iPad):

    11 User Reviews

    • I love this.

    • Idea is great but sometimes the document loading is slower.

    • I absolutely love Dropbox and all of its products, including Dropbox paper. I’ve been a huge fan of it for years.

    • The application “Dropbox” is definitely an excellent External storage app for downloading to either your cellphone, or to your Laptop, or desktop computer for the purpose of increasing your external storage space.

    • Requires internet connection most of the time.

    • I adore Dropbox. Super convenient and useful. I am a web developer and I spent hours in order to find a good app with the option, which allows to embed code directly into documents.

    • It helps to create, edit notes on different devices. It will be cool if you make a widget with tasks that can be placed on the main screen, and a scroll bar that displays the process of reading a document. Enough free functionality. If you have long dreamed of organizing your workspace and work processes, this is what you need. One application replaces the scheduler, notes, tables, file storage.

    • I recently explored Dropbox Paper, the idea about it is promising so I’ll be using it from time to time along with Google Docs, my main online “Papers”. The only reason that I keep on using Google service is that the company I work in don’t want to change anything that works well on this stage. But I’m convinced that Dropbox Paper should be given a chance for its fast work, perfect sync on each device and simplicity (despite someone says it’s complicated, really?!).

    • Like it! The app includes all the needable options in one place. You can configure any type of data. And the way to send them is very fast and convinient. Due to the Dropbox I’ve stopped to use usb connection to download or copy the documents from one device to another. The default storage’s size is enough for me but I’m planning to buy some more extra Gb. Developers are truly great!

    • Dropbox Paper is a great way to share and collaborate on documents with others. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that make it a great tool for work or school.

    • Dropbox Paper is a cloud-based document editing software with real-time collaboration capabilities. It is similar to Google Docs in many respects but also has some unique features.

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