Do you want to fix your wet phone? Did you drop it in the water and it doesn’t turn on anymore? Don’t you know what to do to prevent it from getting damaged? Do you want to know how to repair your wet phone at a low price?

Here! We’ve explained several tricks to help you do this. Come and discover them for yourself!

We know how important your phone is to you, as it holds the most important files of your life, from photos of your travels or family to files from work or conversations with people you love.

So here are some useful tips to keep your phone from breaking down if you’ve dropped it – try them all!

The Best Tips for Fixing a Wet Phone

My cell phone fell in the water. What should I do first?

Before we start explaining the best methods for repairing a wet mobile phone, we need to talk about the “first aid” you should give it when it falls into the water.

The first thing is to turn it off and disconnect everything (remove the case, battery, and anything else you can dismantle), to avoid short circuits inside the device. Do it as quickly as possible!

Don’t forget the accessories! Remove your memory cards, SIM, and anything else external to your phone. If it breaks down, at least you’ll have saved some files.

Thirdly, you need to avoid corrosion. If your phone has been dropped into saltwater, it needs to be washed again with tap water to prevent salt from remaining inside it and causing corrosion to the systems.

As a last resort, wait at least 24 hours after it has been wet to avoid a short circuit.

Remember that the warranty does not cover water damage in most cases, so you better act fast to avoid further damage. Now let’s start with the tips.

Cat Litter, Silica Balls, Beach Litter

To fix a wet mobile you can also use all the absorbent materials you find in your home. Just place your mobile completely disassembled (as much as you can) inside these materials and wait for them to do their job.

Many believe that cat litter and silica gel balls (the ones that come with your clothes) are more effective than rice in absorbing moisture from your phone and making it dry faster.

Whether you use rice or other materials, leave your phone in the absorbent materials for at least two days and, of course, keep your fingers crossed.

The Bag Trick

To fix a wet cell phone at the price of a plastic bag, you will only need to play with physics a little and be very patient.

This method consists of placing our device (disassembled) inside a (preferably airtight) plastic bag. Then you need to take out all the air that is inside and at the same time, prevent it from entering.

This will cause the water inside the mobile phone to come out, due to the pressure that is exerted when you keep on sucking. Each time you do this, remove the water, and repeat the action until you notice that it no longer comes out.

But it doesn’t end there, when your phone no longer drains the water, put it inside the rice, silica gel or whatever you want to achieve a faster drying.

The Rice Trick

To implement this method you need to completely dismantle your mobile phone.

This is one of the best-known methods to repair a wet mobile, which is to place your device (in parts), inside a container full of rice, to make it dry completely and quickly, thus avoiding damage to the system.

Why does it work? Very simply, rice has chemical properties that allow it to absorb water quickly. For this reason, rice is also used in table salt shakers, as they prevent the salt from soaking and sticking.

Although this method is very effective, its results depend on how wet your mobile phone is and the speed with which you remove it from the liquid. If it has been a short time, this method is perfect for you.

Using Alcohol to Save Your Mobile

Now, fixing your wet cell phone at a bargain price is possible! You just have to take advantage of the properties of pharmaceutical alcohol.

For this procedure, you must immerse your mobile (without the battery and turned off) in the alcohol and wait a few minutes for the alcohol to reach the same point as the water inside your mobile. Once you have bathed in the alcohol, you must let your phone dry and that’s it.

How does this method work? The “pure” alcohol leaves no traces when it evaporates and when it joins the water, both are combined, so the water obtains the same properties. This will make your phone completely free of water residues as the mixture evaporates.

Before you turn on your phone again, allow at least 2 days to pass and the smell of alcohol to disappear.


The Freezer: Ideal method for mobiles with integrated battery

For those looking to fix a wet cell phone at a very low price, this is one of the best options they will have.

The procedure consists of placing the device wrapped in an absorbent material, which can be a bit of cotton, napkins, or even toilet paper. Then place it inside the refrigerator for about half an hour and try to turn it on.

If it still doesn’t work, leave it a little longer, about 10 or 20 minutes more, although this method is not completely reliable, it is a good option when you have run out of ideas and you will lose nothing by trying.

We say NO to heat methods

On the Internet, there are many recommendations on the use of heat to make the water evaporate faster and thus avoid damage to the circuit structure of the mobile.

However, this is not true. The heat will only cause many internal parts of the mobile to melt due to the temperature. Remember that electronic systems are designed to work at low temperatures, otherwise, they stop working.

Avoid using heat to repair your wet phone, it is best to wait for it to dry out and have a lucky day to keep it working.


We realize that having such an accident and having your phone submerged in water is a major setback. That’s why we’ve shown you all these techniques to try and bring your phone back to life.

Remember that the first few moments are critical, to prevent water from penetrating the components of the phone and damaging it irreparably, so act quickly and put into practice the techniques we have talked about.

So act quickly, but be careful not to panic or implement strategies that could further damage your mobile phone.

Now you know how to fix your wet phone! Share the secret with all your friends. Have you tried any of these procedures to try and fix a wet phone? Do you know any other techniques that you haven’t named to repair a wet phone? Leave a comment with your experience.


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