Project management tools simplify the day-to-day life of a project manager. There are many people to coordinate and tasks to implement.

That’s why cloud tools are a perfect way to keep track of a project.

Do you want to know some of these tools that will make your life easier? Read on and take note of our recommendations.

6 tools for project management

Each project has a number of particularities. In addition, it can involve different departments of the company.

Therefore, depending on the needs, the size, the number of people involved, etc., some tools will be better adapted than others to what your team needs for project control.

We want to help you simplify your work. Therefore, we are going to show you some of the most outstanding project management tools, but also other platforms that will be useful for other tasks related to project management.


We start with one of the most well-known, which many people come to integrate even in their home environment or educational settings. Trello is a perfect tool for managing small and medium-sized projects.

It is based on the Kanban methodology and facilitates the work in a collaborative way, organizing it in boards formed by columns. Each one of them represents a phase of accomplishment of tasks: pending, in process, or finished.

Thus, in each column cards are created containing specific tasks, which can be assigned to specific people and with a delivery date. In this way, it is easy to see who is responsible for a task or in what state each one of them is.

In addition, the fact that it can be consulted both from the browser and from the mobile app makes it ideal for coordinating small teams. However, for more complex developments, you may miss some functions or have to resort to external tools to cover all your needs.


Jira has a whole series of tools for project management, which can be adapted to different needs: software, IT, company… It is created by the same company as Trello, but it is a much more complex project management software.

It is based on the agile methodology and contains specific functions to work with systems such as scrum or kanban. So, if your team already works with these methodologies it will be easier to integrate the project management with this tool.

In fact, once the project is created, you can choose a template based on one of these systems to simplify the creation of tasks: scrum, kanban, or error monitoring, if you prefer to work with a simpler task list.

Each project has different views to be clear at all times about the work to be done, the workflow processes, the people assigned to the project, etc. In addition, it easily integrates with a multitude of tools making it very simple to share documents and information about the project.


Asana is another of the most useful project management tools to have everything under control. It has templates depending on the type of project you are carrying out that will simplify the distribution of tasks and control.

You can choose between different types of view, according to your preferences: list, schedule, calendar, progress… In addition, as a project manager, you will be able to know at a glance the amount of work assigned to each member of your team. This way you can reassign or reschedule tasks so that everything is organized.

Asana is one of the project software that will allow you to forget about having a thousand types of files, emails, and other tools. With this tool you will have all the information in one place to get your project on track from start to finish, facilitating team communication, and tracking the status of each task in real-time.


Wrike is another well-known project management tool. Here, you can create dashboards for each project, where you can collect pending, ongoing, or completed tasks.

An interactive Gantt Chart will allow you to check at a glance the resources allocated and the time distribution of each task. Other useful features include the ability to attach files, such as images or videos, and discuss them with your team in a simple way. It also makes it easy to create interactive reports to keep all the data under control.


Increasingly, computers are being placed in different locations. Fortunately, face-to-face meetings are being replaced by video conferences that allow you to make the most of your time.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Hangouts or Skype, here’s Appear.in. The main difference with other tools is that you don’t need to be registered to join a video call.

With Appear.in, you can create a virtual room and send the link to the other person, who doesn’t need to have an account or sign in to join.

In addition, it also allows screen sharing for information sharing and a mobile app to maximize the chances of connecting, even when you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer.


Yeeply is a platform that helps project managers to easily locate digital equipment to develop the different phases of a project. With Yeeply you will avoid wasting time looking for suppliers to develop your digital project in many portals and websites.


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