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It’s actually beneficial to use because Afterlight leaves coherent, natural-looking photos. It also comes with plenty of editing features that can enhance any photo.

The Afterlight app is a powerful photo filter app with a huge range of features like color correction, exposure, contrast, temperature and tint adjusting, vintage filter, cross-process color, light leaks, and tonal contrast. This app is great for taking pictures and editing them for an authentic look.

Afterlight is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.

Users like:

  • Easy-to-Create Filters
  • User-Friendly
  • Included Preset Filters Save Time
  • Collections: Community Filter Sharing
  • Text Overlay Tool
  • Selective Hue Adjustment
  • Selective Lightness

Users don't like:

  • Unnecessary Features
  • Lack of Frame Options

Why to choose/Best for:

  • Use any of our 15 uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease
  • Afterlight has 27 fully adjustable Original Filters, 14 Guest Filters by various Instagram users, and the new Seasons filter pack including 18 filters
  • Afterlight includes a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures
  • Crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets
  • Transform your photos with rotating tools, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening
  • We provide a list of 77 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. Now including the new Wallpaper Pack
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Afterlight FAQ
Android Details
Content Rating:3+
Author:Afterlight Collective, Inc
iOS Details
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iOS (iPhone, iPad):

10 User Reviews

  • I would’ve given a 10 stars if possible. Can’t decide on a particular filter because each one is so good.

  • Great vintage/ grunge editor on Android!

  • It’s amazing I can easily make edits here it’s free

  • This app is so good, very useful for editing aesthetic style. I just wish they would update this android version. I heard the ios version is way better 🙁

  • 🥰Very helpful and useful 🤩 💖I Love It💖 📷It makes the photos better and it’s very nice! 📱 iPhone or Android, it works! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • The app has many features such as exposure, temperature, contrast and brightness. I think this is a good app for people who really know how to get the best editing out of their photos.

  • When I was editing a photo, I accidentally clicked “Done” on the photo and when I was editing another one, I accidentally clicked on “Done,” too. The app should have an option to undo the last edit.

  • Afterlight by Afterlight Collective is a powerful photo-editing app with a generous and streamlined user interface. The app is well suited for beginners or intermediate users who are looking to quickly enhance the quality and aesthetics of their photos. Many of the photo-editing tools in Afterlight are one-touch and take just seconds to add or remove a feature.

    A man with excellent taste in fonts designed the app, so the fonts and texts that it is decorated with look absolutely amazing. The only thing that makes Afterlight frustrating to use is that it does not have a function to stabilize a photo. Without stabilization, images taken from a phone often look blurry and warped. Otherwise, Afterlight is an excellent photo-editing app.

  • This app is great for those who enjoy editing photos, but is also an app for those who are new to the game of editing photos. I like the layout of the app and find it useful. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good photo editing app.

  • Afterlight is a photo editing app. It is designed for users who would like to edit the photos from their phone. The app has basic editing options that allow for customized and pretty ‘selfies’ to be taken. Afterlight is one of the top photo editing apps in the App Store.

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